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Pedigree of Champion Drakesleat Russell Sprout


Born 14/09/2000
Sex Dog
Colour Brindle
Breeder Mrs J Mueller
Owned By Mrs Z Thorn Andrews


CH Drakesleat Simon Parsnips CH & AM CH Drakesleat Hobs Tickle CH & AM CH  Drakesleat Tennis Ealey
CH Drakesleat Mandy Pumps
Drakesleat Feff Wintafield CH & AM CH Drakesleat Talk Over
CH Drakesleat Ere Ere
Drakesleat Fanks alot Rabymere CH  Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere CH & AM CH Drakesleat Hobs Tickle
Hudgemoor Free Coins Drakesleat
CH Free Degrees of Drakesleat Foxearth Freemason Drakesleat
CH Hudgemoor Mrs Tittlemouse of Drakesleat