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Pedigree of Champion Barkesvale Digger

Born: 09/02/1990
Sex : Dog
Colour Brindle
Breeder Mrs E M Stevens
Owned By : Breeder


CH & Can CH Drakesleat Jus as Easy CH & Hung CH Drakesleat Easy Come CH Drakesleat Speak Easy
CH Drakesleat Ai Jinks
Jus A Minute at Drakesleat CH & AM CH Drakesleat Jus Dis Wun
Trulisian Classy Chasse
Barkesvale Rachel CH Jarthley Secret Weapon CH Andyc Copper Topper
Miss World of Jarthley
Barkesvale Gretel CH Drakesleat Klunk Klick of Andyc
Barkesvale Orchard Owl